Epithelioid sarcoma as the prototype for personalized therapy in soft tissue sarcoma

Tarek Assi 1 2Elie Rassy 1Hussein Nassereddine 1Fadi Farhat 2Joseph Kattan 1


1Saint-Joseph University, Faculty of medicine, Beirut, Lebanon.

2Oncology Department, Hammoud Hospital, Saida, Lebanon.

PMID: 32589100

DOI: 10.2217/pme-2020-0006

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ES is a rare form of STS with a specific molecular alteration on chromosome 22 [SMARCB1/INI1 loss]. Targeting EZH2, as INI1 loss-related affected epigenetic modifier, demonstrated significant activity in ES, a rare tumor with low sensitivity to radiation and chemotherapy. This constitutes a huge leap in the management of STS tumors and should encourage researchers to indulge in the identification of potential targetable oncogenic drivers within each histological subtype.

Keywords: chemotherapy; epithelioid sarcoma; personalized therapy; soft tissue sarcomas; targeted therapy; tazemetostat.