A case of synchronous relapse of breast cancer and uterine müllerian adenosarcoma post tamoxifen in a premenopausal woman

F Farhat 1N Fakhruddine


1Division of Hematology-Oncology, Hammoud Hospital University Medical Center Saida, Lebanon. drfadi@terra.net.lb

PMID: 18386476


Purpose & methods: We report a case of a 42-year-old multigravida, premenopausal woman with breast carcinoma, who presented after four years of use of adjuvant tamoxifen with synchronous liver, bone, and lung metastasis of breast cancer with müllerian adenosarcoma.

Results: Immunohistochemical stains on the uterine tumor for estrogen and progesterone receptors showed positivity for both epithelial and stromal cells, actin, and desmin while the proliferative index (MIB-1) showed positivity for stromal cells only. The patient underwent a hysterectomy followed by palliative chemotherapy. She died 14 months after her relapse because of progressive disease (cerebral, bone, liver and lung metastases).

Conclusion: Our case is the only one reported in the literature with synchronous relapse of breast adenocarcinoma and a Müllerian adenosarcoma. Moreover, it is one of the rare cases occurring in a premenopausal woman since all except two cases were postmenopausal.